Norwaste celebrated 1-year aniversary the 11th of June 2020 aboard S/S Vega.
Bildet viser malin og ingrid ved feiring av ettårsdag på vega. Dette var det ryddigste bildet vi hadde.
Norwaste celebrates its first anniversary at S / S Vega on 11 June 2020
On 11 June, Norwaste celebrated its first anniversary on the environmental ship S / S Vega, with the Plastic Revolution Foundation, Quantafuel, Katapult Ocean and Samfunnsbedriftene on the block.

Norwaste celebrated its first anniversary on the environmental ship S/S Vega with engaging speeches, impeccable weather, and great mood

It was a joyous meeting with good colleagues and partners under the blue sky at S/S Vega for the celebration. Norwaste provided snacks and beverages and an informal but engaging program from central individuals in the Norwegian circular eonomy, all whilst maintaining a safe distance of 1m and frequent use of disinfectant. 

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Henrik Lystad, CEO of Norwaste, talked about some of the most important projects Norwaste has conducted in its year of operation:

  • Pyrolysis of plastic, valuechain development and quality controll of feedstock
  • Projects on degradable plastics
  • Strategy, business development and studies for municipal waste management companies. 
  • SIngle use plastic: Secretary for the government-appointed working committee
  • Hazardous waste: secretarial duties for a government-appointed expert committee 
  • Compost and cultivation media: Study for the Norwegian Environment Agency on peat-free raw materials for cultivation media

He also presented the two newest additions to Norwaste since the previous voyage: Ingrid Salmi and Sigvart Eggen.

Next in line was Erik Solheim from Plastic Revolution. He told about the plastic project in Ghana and honoured Norwaste's Bjørn Kopstad for his efforts and ability to unite Norwegian ambitions with Ghananian industry in the pilot for the pyrolysis plast that will recycle local plastic waste. He also drew parallels between dealing with the Covid-19 situation and dealing with waste issues, how effective a strong government can be when faced with a crisis.

Quantafuel's Idar Alvestad talked about pyrolysis as a solution that enables chemical recycling of plastic materials, a response to the growing challenge of plastic waste that poses a threat to flora and fauna worldwide. They presented the agreement with Geminor for material recycling of 20 000 tonnes plastic waste annally!

Ingrid Kyltad i Katapult Ocean spoke of the financial sectors role in spporting start-ups that lead the sustainable development within the green shift, and how green investments have become an independent fincancial product. 

Øvind Brevik from Samfunnsbedriftene followed with powerful rhetoric: Producers aren't taking responsibility. This was illustrated by examples of products with misleading labelling about recyclability. Manufacturers are the doormen of the circular econom and they must be reminded to open the door. We have the technology to make recycleable packaging, it's time to use it!

Norwaste is thankful for an educational and enjoyable afternoon. We look forward to further collaboration - after the summer.