Optimazation of the waste management operations - can we improve?
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This autumn, Norwaste worked on several projects within operational optimization of collection. Norwaste has prepared an experience-based model to assess efficiency and resources used in waste collection. This has proven to be a useful model. Our review and analyses have led to very different proposals for changes. The proposals can lead to significant cost reductions or increase resources needed.

We would particularly like to highlight a project carried out for RIR, Romsdalshalvøya Inter-municipal cooperation, where Norwaste evaluated the collection of household waste. In addition, independent operation was assessed against what could be expected in a tender situation. The conclusion from this observation was that the operation worked very well with good utilization of today's resources. In parts of the collection, based on Norwaste's view, production per car was too high for a sustainable level in a long-term perspective. Norwaste recommended to continue the operation on its own. In addition, RIR received a recommendation for how they can further organize operations in order to maintain a sustainable level of production in the coming years.

Although the conclusion was that the operation worked well, some areas for improvement were pointed out. For instance, Norwaste proposed measures to reduce time spent emptying at reception facilities. Furthermore, we had suggestions for improving working conditions for the renovators. 

Increased costs for waste handling - what can be done?

We believe that the Inter-municipal cooperation benefit greatly from having an independent evaluation carried out. Even if the operation is going well, it is not unlikely that there is room for optimising the use of resources in waste collection. Many people are currently experiencing a sharp increase in the costs of renovation. An external assessment can help identify and quantify cost-driving factors in waste collection. This can contribute to better resource management in the business. Norwaste has a highly competent team in waste management with long operational experience and we are currently experiencing greater interest in our services as a result of today's cost increases.

Services Norwaste offer include:

  • Estimate economic and environmental achievements from optimized resource use
  • Optimisation of routes and resource use
  • Advice on choosing a vehicle and source sorting solution
  • Advice on future investments
  • Assessment of renovation in-house against a tender
  • Evaluate current strategies
  • External and independent assessments for management and board
  • Practical advice when introducing RFID or sensor-based emptying

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