Green Friday - Environmental Choices at the Office
The furniture in our office is only bought second hand. Line Blytt was the main encourager to find and pick up the items, and Terje Børresen contributed with the design plan and art.
Norwaste has conducted eight introductory courses in waste and recycling since we started offering the course in 2021, receiving very positive feedback.

Line Blytt took the main responsibility within moving in and designing the new space. She used the online webpage, or second hand shops to find the items.
- It is important to have a common plan of how it should look like in style, and then find the products acourding to it. We received help from a designer who drew our options based on what was to be found on There are several of us who likes to go to flea markets/second-hand markets, so by having a plan for furnishing, several could find something that suited the office. We used a courier company to deliver the goods or we also collected something ourselves in a private car.

Furnishing an entire office with reused items does not neccesary mean you save money as a company. Buying used products in the private market means that it is not possible to deduct VAT, so the prices compared to new and used were not always that different. Line experiences that buying second hand furniture takes more time. The item you search for is not always available right away.
- It required some "waiting time". Some of the furniture had to be put together without a manual. When everyone was on board and up for it, it resulted to a good story and we got hands on unique furniture for a good price. 

Norwaste's newest addition, Anneli Kolås, wanted to buy used computer equipment when she started this August. There is a large market for this at, partly because many people buy new equipment when they change jobs and sell their old ones. She says that it was a bit more time-consuming to find equipments second hand, but the equipment was usually cheaper even without the possibility of deducting VAT. There is a challenge with warranty certificates when buying used electronics. Some of the equipment had however still the original warranty certificate valid.

Anneli is happy with the new second hand buy for the storage room to store our field work shoes.

Although it has been a while since we moved into the new office, repurposing is still on the agenda. We are now in the process of reorganizing our storage room, and of course is the place for this. 
- The storage room is small, so we need to be creative in how to organize it. We agreed on what to buy and have now the searches saved for it on

CEO, Henrik Lystad, think it is exciting to put theory into practice and furnish with as much reused items as possible.
- It is important not to compromise on quality and functionality. I think we have been very successful in that.