Handelens miljøfond plastforsøpling Tromsø

Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund awards Norwaste projects on plastic littering and waste.

Norwaste has been chosen by the Norwegian Retailers' Environmental Fund to complete projects aimed at reducing plastic pollution and increasing material recycling of plastic materials.

Can improved collection systems reduce plastic littering in public spaces?

You have to understand which collection systems work - and which don't work - if you are to keep littering in public spaces to a minimum.

Littering Around Garbage Bins is a collaborative effort with large norwegian cities Tromsø, Kristiansand and Oslo, with the goal of identifying any correlation between different waste collection systems and degrees of littering in immediate surrounding area.

By comparing previously obtained data with field surveys in public spaces in Tromsø, Kristiansand and Oslo we will provide Norwegian municipalities the facts they require to make educated decisions, whether they're considering upgrade existing systems or procuring new solutions all together. We will evaluate different systems capacities, tendency to lead to littering and operational costs. The ultimate goal of the study is to reduce plastic littering in Norway.

Is material recycling of mixed plastic waste by pyrolysis within reach?

Neste prosjekt Norwaste utfører med støtte fra Handelens Miljøfond handler om kjemisk resirkulering av blandet plast. Dette materialet, som blant annet utgjør en stor del av plastavfallet kildesortert ved norske hjem og på norske arbeidsplasser blir i dag sendt direkte til forbrenning og energigjenvinning ettersom det er både vanskelig og kostbart å materialgjenvinne.

The project, a collaboration between Norwaste, ROAF - Romerike Waste Processing, IVAR and Plastic REVolution Foundation (PRF) - aims to evaluate if mixed plastics materials from automatic municipal waste sorting facilities and other similar plastic materials in Norway may be material recycled through pyrolysis. Different plastic wastes - like mixed plastic waste - will be extracted and analysed in order to evaluate for use in different available pyrolysis processes and their quality criterias. We will evaluate other plastic materials and available cleaning solutions as a pretreatment prior to pyrolysis. The goal of the project is to lay a foundation for increased material recycling of mixed plastic wastes.

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