How to increase the recycling rate at Bali
Norwaste won an international tender for assistance with recycling stations in Bali.

Norwaste have been consulting 5 smaller "recycling stations", so-called TPS3R (see fact box), in Denpasar, Bali's capital in Indonesia. The client is the non-profit organization Delterra, which works with local authorities.

What is TPS3R?
“The main concept of waste processing in TPS 3R is to reduce the quantity and/or to improve the characteristics of the waste, which will be further processed in the landfill (TPA).TPS3R is expected to play a role in ensuring the increasingly critical land requirements for the provision of municipal waste landfills. This is in line with the national policy, which is to place landfill at the lowest hierarchy, thus minimizing the residue that will end up in the landfill.”

Through the knowledge of Line Blytt and Bjørn Kopstad, Norwaste offers comprehensive experience and expertise in bio-waste, traditional sorting of plastic, cardboard etc. , as well as organisation of facilities and operations. The five facilities accept waste from approximately 5,500 households, but aims to increase to 14,500 households (approx. 55,000 inhabitants).

The first field work in the project was carried out in October . Thanks to well preparatory work from Delterra, we managed to get a thorough review of all facilities. Furthermore, Norwaste suggested operational improvements and smaller investments on site. Within composting, there has been a need for detailed advice to ensure better biological processes, and within the sorting of "dry" waste, we have suggested significant changes in work arrangements and organisation. Some investments were carried out, an example is an excavator with a sorting claw.

The next field visit will take place in the spring of 2023. The agenda will be to measure and evaluate the effect of previously proposed improvements and investments. We will also give advice on more long-term measures, such as proposals for re-design of some of the facilities.

Line is evaluating the compost bin

This is a new exciting assignment for Norwaste. We were chosen for our extensive experience and expertise. Not least, it is emphasized that we have experience from both low-tech and high-tech. An exciting challenge with a mission like the one in Bali is that we can use our collective experience from waste management in Norway, Europe, Africa and Asia. The art is to adapt to local realities with the opportunities and limitations it provides.

In the recent years, Norwaste has carried out a number of foreign missions. In addition to previous projects in Ghana, participation in Avfall Norge's Norad project in Indonesia and waste investigations in Ethiopia , we are currently also engaged in a project in India.

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