Line Blytt starts in Norwaste 1st of August
Norwaste's new addition is a heavyweight in the management of sewage sludge and organic waste.

Norwaste's new addition is a heavyweight in the management of sewage sludge and organic waste.

Line Blytt is educated with an MSc within agronomy from NMBU with almost 30 years of experience from public administration and the private sector in environmental consulting. She is joining our team on August 1st.

- We are very proud to be able to welcome Line to Norwaste, says CEO Henrik Lystad. With Line on the team, we strengthen ourselves towards handling various types of organic waste, where Line has been active for a number of years and contributed to the development of the industry.Among other things, she led the project which ensured that Norwegian composting plants could continue to operate in an appropriate manner when the Animal by-products regulation (ABP) was to be introduced in Norway.

Some highlights from Line Blytt's eventful career: 

  • 8 years as a researcher at NLH (now NMBU) in radioecology where she mapped how radioactive pollution from Chernobyl degenerated in both fauna and flora.
  • In the Agricultural Inspectorate's fertilizer department, which was later placed under the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, she worked as an advisor in legislation and quality of animal by-products, sludge and compost, with tasks including quality coordination and development of internal control.
  • From the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, she was recruited to Aquateam as an advisor and group leader in the field of environment and pollution, where she mainly worked with processes related to quality, hygiene and recycling of organic waste and sludge.
  • In 2013, Aquateam was acquired by Cowi, and in the following years Line has been development and market leader in the industry and process department under the division for water and environment at Cowi, served as general manager for Vannklyngen (water cluster) from 2015 to 2017, and took over as CEO of Aquateam Cowi from 2019.

Read more about Line on her LinkedIn.

At Norwaste Line will, among other things, work to bring the best handling of sludge, food waste and organic waste onto the map. With new requirements for sorting and material recycling of food, park and garden waste from 2023, Norwegian municipalities and waste companies must be guided in strategy and available room for maneuver. A lot is happening in this field at the moment - both nationally and internationally.