Malin Granlund starts working at Norwaste
Norwaste is already expanding after one month. Malin Granlund comes from the job as a consultant and project manager in Avfall Norge.

Already a month after the company started, Norwaste signs a key person in the industry.

Malin Granlund comes from her job as an advisor and Project Manager in Avfall Norge, where she has coordinated various professional groups and professional networks. She has also been responsible for carrying out a large number of projects.

"We are very happy to strengthen our team with such a resource," says General Manager Henrik Lystad. -I know Malin as a very competent and efficient professional, who spreads happiness around her. The experience she has from the past will come in very handy at Norwaste.

Malin has, among other things, been responsible for the hazardous waste group and the landfill group in Avfall Norge, as well as networks for buried solutions and the sorting facilities. In addition, she has been the project manager for a number of projects in Avfall Norge in recent years, both as an orderer but also as an executor. Previously, she has also worked with household waste collection in Renovasjonsetaten, the municipality of Oslo.

- After many years in Avfall Norge, it will be exciting to try life as a consultant, says Malin Granlund. - Now I will respond to the expectations I have had myself as an orderer.

Malin begins working at Norwaste on September 1st.