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Henrik Lystad


Henrik Lystad has long experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry from 16 years in Avfall Norge. Henrik has been involved in framework conditions and interest policy work in waste management and circular economics in Norway and the EU. He has been involved in a number of activities related to, among other things, waste collection, procurement, producer responsibility development, biogas and composting, energy recovery, material recycling and landfilling, as well as marine waste and waste management in developing countries.

Bjørn Kopstad


Bjørn Kopstad started in the trade association MEF in the early 1990s, and represented the private waste management companies in Norway through to the political processes that led to the new waste policy in the EU and Norway. Bjørn then worked for almost 18 years in various leading positions in the Norsk Gjenvinning / Veolia Miljø Group. Bjørn was a member of the executive management board in the Group for many years, including operational and strategic responsibility in various waste value chains. Bjørn's experience extends from development responsibilities to eg. plastics and recovered paper through the management of many operating regions with sales departments, customer centers, transport operations and sorting facilities. He was, for many years, responsible for outbound sales and recovered paper and plastics from the Group to Europe and Asia. He also built up the Group's household waste collection operations in Norway and Sweden.

Profilbilde til Ingrid

Ingrid Salmi


Ingrid Salmi joined us after working 4 years at ROAF. Her expertice includes operation and environmental monitoring of landfills, renewable energies, and quality and environmental management related to ISO standardization. 

Sigvart Eggen


Sigvart Eggen joined us shortly after completing his education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he received his Msc in Material Technology in the very relevant subject of metal waste recycling. Prior to working at Norwaste he worked with R&D and SINTEF Industries.

Knut Bakkejord

Knut Bakkejord has closely followed the waste industry for 30 years and, in addition to working for a long time in the municipality of Trondheim, he has a broad background from a number of employers in the state and private sector as well as NTNU. In Trondheim, Knut has been responsible for waste management in the municipality for many years and in recent years he has been the project manager for the development of a sorting facility and associated waste strategy for Central Norway, as well as a new waste plan for Trondheim municipality.

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