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When products and substances have played out their role and function, they enter a new phase, they become waste. While consumers and businesses are turning their attention to new products and services, a carefully crafted machinery will take on the job of ensuring that waste is not an environmental problem, but is given new life and that values are preserved. 


Foto: Rune Kjørmo / Plan- og Bygningsetaten

Norwaste maps litter in Oslo municipality

In collaboration with the City of Oslo, Norwaste has received support from the Handelens Miljøfond to map littering in Oslo. The project will provide key figures on annual plastic waste from the most important clean-up activities in Oslo municipality. Today, there is no total overview of the littering situation in Oslo, the project will therefore contribute valuable insight and data on the amount and type of waste that goes astray through littering.

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Expanded plastic must be recycled to a greater extent

The project was carried out in collaboration with Bergfald Miljørådgivere and SALT Lofoten. An interdisciplinary collaboration has provided a report to the Norwegian Environment Agency showing the status of EPS, within production, waste management and possible measures to reduce littering.

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New employment in Norwaste

Ine comes from 5 years in Oslo REG, where she has worked with waste management and service development within waste management. Among other things, she has worked with the introduction of source sorting in schools in Oslo, which has required good cooperation between the municipal administration and several agencies.

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