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We offer various courses and are usually tailor-made for your waste disposal company. We currently have three courses. Introductory course to the waste and recycling industry where the target group is, for example, new employees, sustainability managers and board meeting representatives in waste companies. We have also developed a course on "Biological factors in the waste and recycling industry" to increase competence and awareness for those who work in the industry. KThe phrase "Odor - risk, cleaning and handling" is for everyone who works with odor pollution such as the state administration and for facilities where odor is a challenge. 

The waste market

Waste management is covered by a large set of regulations. The different types of waste are handled in different value chains. Good or less good. What is waste to one can become valuable commodity for another. Achieving good value chains, the stakeholders and the market requires in-depth overview, understanding and knowledge of waste, recycled raw materials and the market. Norwaste will help your business succeed. Whether you want to add value to your waste or by-products and become recycled raw materials in a circular economy, improve your waste management, or develop new markets, we can help you.

Waste management in a circular economy

Waste management is a complicated industry. New technology offers great opportunities for new and better value chains, whether in terms of collection, sorting, processing or marketing. Norwaste has knowledge of framework conditions, technological solutions, waste value chains and the market for recycled raw materials so that you can succeed with your business.

Public stakeholders

With our long experience of state and municipal decision-making processes, we can make a difference for authorities and municipalities and municipal waste companies, whether the need is related to regulatory development, municipal waste plans or other plans and procurements.

Waste management globally

In many parts of the world, the challenges surrounding waste management are significant. Lack of collection and a sound and sustainable waste treatment cause plastic to spill onto the sea and is the largest source of marine waste globally. The need to put in place systems for collection and handling of waste resources is urgent. At the same time, the infrastructure is deficient, and a large informal sector is in many places the only contributor to recycling. Norwaste has the knowledge to understand complicated structures and to help projects succeed.


Hvordan forebygge forsøpling rundt returpunkt

Norwaste og Hold Norge Rent har med finansiering fra Handelens Miljøfond laget rapporten Forebygging av forsøpling rundt returpunkt. Rapporten kommer med flere tiltak og råd som skal hjelpe kommuner og avfallsselskaper med å redusere forsøplingen. Sirkel, Fretex og Sandnes kommune har også bidratt i prosjektet.

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Optimazation of the waste management operations - can we improve?

This autumn, Norwaste worked on several projects within operational optimization of collection. Norwaste has prepared an experience-based model to assess efficiency and resources used in waste collection. This has proven to be a useful model. Our review and analyses have led to very different proposals for changes. The proposals can lead to significant cost reductions or increase resources needed.

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