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Waste characterization

The Waste Regulation requires the separation of plastic and food waste and aims to achieve an increasing rate of waste separation between 2025 and 2035. The Norwegian Environment Agency recommends that municipalities conduct waste characterization analyses regularly to gather sufficient knowledge about the proportion of incorrectly sorted waste, especially during significant changes in waste management practices. Over the past few years, Norwaste has developed capacity and expertise in waste characterization analysis and supports municipalities in conducting such analyses and calculating separation rates. This can involve varying degrees of involvement, based on the preferences of the municipalities or waste management companies.

The waste market

Waste management is governed by extensive regulations. Different types of waste are handled within different value chains, some more effectively than others. What is waste to one entity can be a valuable raw material to another. To establish robust value chains, thorough insight, understanding, and expertise within waste, recycled materials, and the market are necessary. Norwaste will contribute to ensuring that your business can succeed, whether you aim to increase the value of your waste or by-products by turning them into recycled raw materials in a circular economy, improve your waste management, or develop new markets. 

Waste management in a circular economy

Waste management is a complex industry. New technology offers significant opportunities for creating new and improved value chains, whether it's in collection, sorting, treatment, or disposal. Norwaste possesses expertise in regulatory frameworks, technological solutions, waste value chains, and the market for recycled raw materials, enabling you to succeed in your business endeavours.

Public stakeholders

With our long experience of state and municipal decision-making processes, we can make a difference for authorities and municipalities and municipal waste companies, whether the need is related to regulatory development, municipal waste plans or other plans and procurements.

Waste management globally

In many parts of the world, the challenges surrounding waste management are significant. Lack of collection and a sound and sustainable waste treatment cause plastic to spill onto the sea and is the largest source of marine waste globally. The need to put in place systems for collection and handling of waste resources is urgent. At the same time, the infrastructure is deficient, and a large informal sector is in many places the only contributor to recycling. Norwaste has the knowledge to understand complicated structures and to help projects succeed.


Littering over 700 tons of trash along the roads each year

A recent survey of selected road sections reveals that Norwegian roads have a significant litter problem. The results highlight the need for measures to address this challenge and ensure that the roads remain clean and tidy. The survey is the most in-depth study of road litter conducted in Norway.

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