Biogas statistics 2023

For the third consecutive year, biogas statistics were presented during the biogas conference. Similar to last year, the statistics were made available through Power BI, offering the opportunity for interactive real-time exploration of the data. You can explore this yourself at the bottom of the article or click here to open the statistics in a new window. The statistics include an overview of produced biogas, the amount upgraded to biofuel, ownership of the facilities, feedstock quantities, and future production. 

New for this year is a presentation of the number of Enova grants over the past eleven years (2012-2023), as well as planned expansions of facilities and an overview of current and upcoming filling stations.

Biogas Oslofjord's statistics provide a more detailed insight than the publicly available statistics. This insight helps create a better foundation for analyzing development trends and identifying potential bottlenecks within the biogas industry. Furthermore, it provides better information to assess the impact of reduced greenhouse gas emissions from biogas production, as well as its use as a soil improver and fertilizer.

Main findings from the biogas statistics for 2023:

  • 4 net new facilities went online.
  • Biogas production amounted to 738 GWh in 2023.
  • Upgrading to CBG and LBG accounted for 63% (456 GWh).
  • There was an increase in LBG (+5%) and CBG (+1%) from 2022.
  • Ownership of the facilities is evenly distributed, with 47% owned by municipalities and 33% in private ownership.
  • Sewage sludge is the largest substrate feedstock, followed by food waste and fish silage.
  • Approximately 600,000 tons of biogas digestate (wet weight) are produced as a fertilizer product.
  • Approximately 2,400 tons of phosphorus were recycled. This corresponds to 34% of the imported phosphorus from mineral fertilizers.
  • Value creation of 1.476 billion NOK and employment of 1,255 full-time equivalents in the sector.
  • Norway has 39 biogas filling stations, with 40 more under development. CBG dominates, accounting for 79% of the current market.
  • Enova has supported 22 facilities from 2012 to 2023 with a total of 762 million NOK.