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Norwaste provides consulting services within waste and recycling. We are dedicated to bringing value and new life to waste, with the experience and knowledge needed to put the many pieces in place for you to succeed.

With our values, we go to great lengths to make you satisfied:

Curious, reliable and fact-based.


With our unique experience and expertise, Norwaste can offer a wide range of consulting services, including:


When products and substances have played out their role and function, they enter a new phase, they become waste. While consumers and businesses are turning their attention to new products and services, a carefully crafted machinery will take on the job of ensuring that waste is not an environmental problem, but is given new life and that values are preserved. 


Gir sirkulærøkonomien økt sjøtransport?

Økte krav til kildesortering og etterbehandling endrer transportbehov og verdikjeder for avfallsstrømmene. Norwaste utreder mulighetsrommet for samarbeid mellom havner og avfallsbesittere for å få en kostnads- og klimaeffektiv logistikk

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Hvordan forebygge forsøpling rundt returpunkt

Norwaste og Hold Norge Rent har med finansiering fra Handelens Miljøfond laget rapporten Forebygging av forsøpling rundt returpunkt. Rapporten kommer med flere tiltak og råd som skal hjelpe kommuner og avfallsselskaper med å redusere forsøplingen. Sirkel, Fretex og Sandnes kommune har også bidratt i prosjektet.

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Optimazation of the waste management operations - can we improve?

This autumn, Norwaste worked on several projects within operational optimization of collection. Norwaste has prepared an experience-based model to assess efficiency and resources used in waste collection. This has proven to be a useful model. Our review and analyses have led to very different proposals for changes. The proposals can lead to significant cost reductions or increase resources needed.

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