New senior consultant with extensive experience in the waste management industry.
Norwaste strengthens its team with a heavyweight in the waste management industry. Toralf brings 10 years of consulting experience and 30 years at BIR, focusing on service development, establishment of treatment facilities, and monitoring regulatory frameworks nationally and internationally.

Toralf comes from the position as Senior Consultant at BIR AS, where he has worked for 30 years. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from NTH/NTNU. Over the years, he has led several key initiatives, including the implementation of source sorting systems, construction of waste treatment facilities, and influencing regulatory frameworks for the industry. Toralf has also been involved in numerous industry organizations and projects both nationally and internationally. 

Why did you choose to work at Norwaste?
After 30 years at BIR, I have chosen to retire. However, I will continue to follow up on some tasks at BIR on an hourly basis and otherwise work for Norwaste as a senior consultant. Norwaste has an exciting mix of young, talented employees and senior personnel. I believe it is an exciting environment to be associated with in a time of significant changes in the industry. New regulations are hitting us at a rapid pace, and I want to contribute my experience and expertise. As society transitions from a linear to a circular economy, challenges abound, and Norwaste can contribute to that.

What do you hope to achieve in Norwaste?
Our society and prosperity are built on linear value chains. Now we see that this is no longer sustainable and contributes to environmental destruction and climate change. Society must transition to a circular economy where we reduce resource consumption and ensure that materials are recycled into new products and raw materials. Circular economy builds one value chain at a time and requires interdisciplinary collaboration and expertise. I want to contribute to this development through Norwaste and all clients.

With his extensive experience and dedication to sustainable and innovative solutions, we expect Toralf to play a key role in Norwaste's further development as an expert environment within waste, recycling, and the circular economy. His addition to the team will strengthen the company's ability to meet new challenges and opportunities within the waste and recycling sector.