TRV Reduced incorrect sorting of food waste
Norwaste has performed picking analyzes of household and commercial waste in Trondheim municipality

Norwaste has been to Trondheim and carried out two comprehensive picking analyzes for Trondheim Renholdsverk AS (TRV). The purpose of the analyzes was to look at the composition of household waste, the proportion of residual waste that is sortable and incorrect sorting in the source-sorted fractions. Part of the assignment is to look at the distribution between food waste and non-usable food waste. 

The first analysis was carried out in the autumn of 2021, where approx. 6.3 tonnes of cardboard and paper, plastic and glass and metal and residual waste were sorted into 53 fractions. At that time, Trondheim did not have source sorting of food waste. Following the analysis, TRV has rolled out a source sorting system for food waste in selected areas. To measure the effect of the measure, a similar analysis of household waste was planned in February 2022. 

Despite the fact that there is still food waste in the residual waste, the results show that there is a decrease from 45 % to 33 % food waste in the residual waste after the introduction of a collection solution for the food waste. 

In addition to picking analyzes of household waste, Norwaste has carried out analyzes of municipal business waste in Trondheim municipality. Waste from kindergartens, schools and health and welfare houses was examined here.