Webinar on material recycling and buried solutions the 20th of May 2020.
webinar Norwaste
Norwaste's Henrik Lystad holds a webinar
On 20 May, Norwaste will hold its first webinar on material recycling requirements and new measuring points.

First webinar of the stack May 20

Norwaste has finally finished its preparations and is looking forward to giving digital lectures for you. The webinars will be a convenient platform for holding our courses, courses we have received very good feedback on. 

The first webinar will be held on 20 May at 10: 00-10: 45 and Henrik Lystad will hold the course with the title New material recycling requirements and new measuring points, which addresses what awaits changes will be given to the waste industry when Norway is to implement EU requirements in the waste area. Registration here.

Other webinars on waste suction are arranged in collaboration with NKF and Samfunnsbedriftene on 27 May at 10: 00-10: 30. The theme is waste suction as a collection solution for waste and why a good planning process is necessary to get your facilities established. The social enterprises will present their experiences from their members and the benefits they see from using waste suction, while Swedish Inobric AB will share their experiences from designing, planning and establishing waste suction systems. This will be a warm-up and introduction of a larger seminar set for 21-22. October 2020. Registration here.

As we present our platform, and webinar no. 2 is carried out in collaboration with NKF and Samfunnsbedriftene, both webinars will be free. In other words, you will not miss this.

We hope to see you there. If there are any questions, feel free to contact.