Norwaste assisted Norfund invest in circular economy
Norwaste is proud to have supported Norfund in its investment in plastics recycling in Ghana.

Miniplast Ghana Ltd is a leading plastics manufacturing company in Ghana, with headquarters in Accra. Miniplast specializes in injection moulding and blow moulding, with its key offerings being products made from High/Low Density Polyethylene (H/LDPE), Polypropylene (PP) and PET Plastics. 

In 2020, Miniplast established an in-house plastics recycling business segment that uses plastic waste that it sources locally and processes into recycled plastic materials. These recycled plastics are then used by the company in the manufacturing of its finished products, as well as sold to third parties. In addition to its activity in Accra, the company also has waste collection and grinding hubs in Kumasi and Tamale. (See press release from Norfund here)

Norfund’s investment will go towards purchasing new manufacturing equipment and supporting Miniplast to expand into new product offerings. Also, the investment will finance new machinery to increase the Company’s recycling capacity to 1,700 tonnes a month, further substituting locally sourced recycled materials for imported plastic resins, and hence, reducing production costs in the process. 

Norwaste assisted Norfund with an operational due diligence, covering the regulatory framework, the operational processes and detailed assessment of the recycling segment of the Company.