Norwaste assists the Port of Oslo with waste transport by sea

In collaboration with four Norwegian ports, Norwaste looks into whether shipping can make the waste and recycling industry more efficient.

The Port of Oslo KF has taken the initiative for a project called Coastal Transport II and is financed with state support. 

The project wants to identify the potential of coastal transport for a more efficient transport of waste and recycled materials and the possibility of reduced climate emissions and loads on the road network.

"The ports can contribute to a streamlining process when it comes to transporting waste and through improved logistics based on cooperation in the waste and recycling industry and ship traffic, we can also increase the amount of waste that goes to material recycling",says a committed Hatteland. 

The project is a collaboration between four ports in Norway: Port of Harstad, Kristiansund, Rogaland County Municipality and Oslo. Norwaste AS was awarded the contract following a tender competition in July this year and is in the process of mapping generated types of waste and waste quantities in the various regions.

“We will identify the waste streams in the various regions and look at the opportunities shipping traffic can provide for the waste and recycling industry, both when it comes to transport optimization and an increased degree of resource utilization. In the long run, the purpose of the project is for the waste and recycling industry to use the sea route to a greater extent as a transport solution for waste”, says Malin Granlund, project manager for Norwaste.”Says Malin Granlund, project manager for Norwaste. 

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